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PTPWallet | What is PTPWallet and why did we Create it?

What is PTPWallet and why did we Create it?


Hello PTPWallet Readers!

PTPWallet is officially now on, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, and we will be actively posting updates, business development information, bounties and airdrops, and other information.

Off the bat, the question you might have is; what is PTPWallet?

PTPWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet developed by CannaSOS for the global crypto industry. With the PTPWallet, users in the crypto industry have the ability to send coins and tokens instantly, anonymously, engage in a global loyalty program, engage in a referral program that can make some into millionaires (depending on the size of ones referral network), and even engage in a game called Drain The Bank where users are able to win ETH, BTC, PCT, and other cryptocurrencies in very large amounts! Users also have the ability to send funds via email and text message, trade with super low fees, send funds to partnered businesses, friends, and family within the network, and much more. Again, with the PTPWallet, all internal transactions are fully anonymous and secure.

Now, the question might arise; why are we doing this?

Based on our findings, roughly 95% of all crypto users are traders/investors who use and hold crypto currencies primarily to make money via trading on DAEs. Therefore, around 5% use cryptocurrencies to purchase products or use crypto as a transactional mean for a specific service involving B2B and B2C. Because of this, traders and investors have a huge influence on the market circulation and market capitalization of the global crypto market.

PTPWallet is a multi-level financial platform that is applicable to all industries around the globe. The PTPWallet is developed not only to act as a platform with secure, anonymous, and instant crypto transactions, but also primarily to connect users and businesses and create a balance in the industry. With the help of the PTPWallet and a successful launch, large adoption, and further development of PTPWallet; we see this 95/5 ratio changing to 75/25 throughout the next 5 years. Imagine even if 20% of the global crypto community used crypto for retail transactions, the market capitalization and the interest to purchase crypto will be immense!

However, due to the fact that many businesses in the retail industry do not want to be associated with implementing crypto currencies into their business due to slow transaction speeds, too much transparency (many businesses see it as essentially showing the public their banking information; how much funds are present, transaction history, etc), and because — other than it being used as a transaction medium — there is no global loyalty program to keep customer coming back; we have decided to take a bit of a different route. With PTPWallet, we have created a hybrid — centralized and decentralized network. When one sends funds to the platform (and withdraws), they are experiencing the decentralized part of the platform, allowing third parties to see that the funds are being sent to PTPWallet. Once the funds reach ones account, the account immediately is covered by a company wallet address which essentially shows to the public how much funds are located inside the platform, but does not show the accounts and how much funds are located in individual accounts.

Therefore, third parties are unable to use Etherscan and other websites to see which specific account holds what currency and in what amount. Within the platform itself, users are able to deposit transactions via email and SMS, QR code, or via address and not have to worry about waiting 48 hours for the funds to be sent to the 7/11 owner. Due to the internal part of the platform being centralized, the funds are immediately received; thus, providing flexibility to retail businesses who experience a massive amount of traffic on a daily basis. With the integrated loyalty program, businesses are also able to provide visitors who have a PTPWallet account (if not, then, the business owner will automatically send a referral link via SMS or email upon sending of the funds) cashback for purchases, thus increasing customer engagement, satisfaction, and decreasing customer turnover.


Believe us when we say we’re not selfish

Nonetheless, many of you might think “oh they are not fully decentralized; they are just here to make money; they don’t care about blockchain; they can rob you like 1, 2, 3 by imposing an alleged hacking (even though from what we know, your account isn’t hackable as it requires different measures to access such as a PIN code that only your brain knows); etc” and that is fine, but with all due respect, that is not accurate. We have zero intentions to screw you over because:

A) our goal of changing the industry will be thrown out the window

B) we most likely will get caught sooner or later and have our whole team to face 5–15 years in jail for fraud

C) we will make a lot more money in the long run to support our development and invest in other ambitious projects by staying loyal to our community – so no point of going short term

D) believe us when we say that we DO want to develop the crypto community; just we are looking for alternative, more effective ways. Right now, we have a hybrid, with the success of PTPWallet we will obviously be looking and developing ways to take the platform completely decentralized while at the same time having all the current features.

In order to also increase the demand to use PTPWallet from the users’ side, we have implemented what we think will become a very popular referral program. Every user of the platform has the ability to refer peers and even businesses to the platform by sending them a Referral Code. When one clicks/uses the Referral Link/Code, the user automatically becomes a referral user. Not only do both users now get 100 PCT (this number most likely will change) for free for the signup, the person who referred the user will receive 20% in commission from the transaction fees of all of their referrals, which is around 0.10% in referral commission from the transaction fee, for the first 30 days. Then if you purchase a Gem (more on that in another article), you will receive 40% in commission for the first 30 days and then 10% for the following 30 days for every additional purchased Gem.

If you reach for a business like the nearest 7/11 location and convince them to adopt PTPWallet for their store (business API will be launched on website), and they do a $1,000,000 in transactions per month, you could make $2,000 for the first 30 days. You would make $500/month for the following 30 days. Pretty good for passive income. Although a bit unlikely, but what if you are the decision maker at IBM and convince top management to use PTPWallet for all crypto-related transactions and you provide them your referral code when they are getting setup? According to IBM’s annual report of 2017 (if you divide their revenue by 12 to see what was made per month on average), you would have made for the 30 days $13,190,000. Obviously this is a bit far-fetched but what we are trying to show you is that the opportunity for you to climb out of your paying-off-debt slave hole and make a side income which will pay off your debt so that you can think calmly about the future is very possible with PTPWallet if you put a bit of effort into the referral program for the 30 days or so, and we are sure that you won’t just sit around for the rest of your life as this passive income will motivate you to get more and more people onto the system. As more and more people join your referral program, not only do you make more money and at the same time help us further expand and improve our platform, but you also bring more people into the retail side of the industry and help support the crypto market and increase market capitalization!



TLDR: PTPWallet allows you to transfer funds knowing that third parties won’t be able to see what you are doing with your money, allows businesses to increase their customer base, provides the crypto industry instant transactions, allows users to send funds via SMS and email, allows users to make a lot of money off of referrals, and much more.

So this is in short what is PTPWallet and why we are creating it, please stay tuned for future updates and for the launching of the app in earlier October!

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Warm Regards,

PTPWallet Team

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