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PTPWallet | Beta Version of PTPWallet Planned for End of October!

Beta Version of PTPWallet Planned for End of October!



Dear PTPWallet Users,

We are happy to announce that PTPWallet has been developed and is now undergoing testing. We do not know the exact date of launch as it depends on the speed of the testing, but the beta version is planned for the end of October 2018. PTPWallet will be launched for Android and iOS, and in order to celebrate the launch ahead of time, we are providing our followers with a big bonus!

For the first 4 days, and only those 4 days, after launch we are giving away a big amount of coins to all those who download the app and left an honest review in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. We’ll be grateful to our community if the reviews were more or less positive and were informative. Those who find a bug, we will personally give a larger bonus in coins.  Just open up a trouble ticket in the App and once we see and review it, if’s bug worthy, within a short period of time you should see the funds in your account. All coins will be allocated to your accounts on PTPWallet.

Again, we do not know the exact date of when we will launch the wallet but at this moment we ask everyone who is interested in receiving bonus coins to sign-up in our newsletter by scrolling down this page and entering your email in the VIP List.


What Modules are Expected?

The wallet will have all modules available at launch, all which were promised. This includes: full security, the ability to send crypto via email and SMS and by selecting contacts in your phones’ contact list, loyalty program for businesses, referral program, and much more. Remember that when taking part in loyalty programs, we give you coins for every transaction. We also have support in the app so if you experience any problems you can easily and quickly open a trouble ticket.

Now the question arises, what do I do with these bonus coins? You can do whatever you want with them: spend them at a business that is in the PTP network (this is a bit down the road as we’re just launching so there aren’t currently businesses using PTP), send these coins to your friend or family member in exchange for a product or service, HODL, purchase Gems in order to be part of the Ambassador Program and make money off of all of your referral transactions, send to a digital assets exchange and convert to whatever currency you want, and take part in Drain the Bank and try to win the total prize!

For more information, check out the website, follow us on social media or by leaving your email below, and upon launch – download the App!

Warm Regards,

The PTPWallet Team

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