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Friendly Guide Concerning PTPWallet Referral Program, Ambassador Program, Drain the Bank, And More! | PTPWallet

Friendly Guide Concerning PTPWallet Referral Program, Ambassador Program, Drain the Bank, And More!

With crypto wallets popping up everywhere on a weekly basis, it is difficult to understand which wallet is right for you and which one can provide more benefits than the usual sending and receiving of funds. Luckily, PTPWallet has many features to suit your delight! However, in this article we will only be going over the Referral Program and Drain the Bank.


The Referral Program:

When you create an account on PTPWallet, you are provided with a Referral Code under the “Referral Program” tab. You can send the Referral Code via email, SMS, and even just share it by word of mouth; share it on social media! You’re probably wondering, “why should I refer people to the platform?” and that is a common question to ask when getting started on any crypto-related platform that offers such a feature. However, with our PTPWallet, we made referring part of your life. Why and how?

The Structure of the Referral Program:

In order to increase the amount of businesses using PTPWallet, thus providing large expansion of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens into the retail sector, we need more PTPWallet users. In order to increase the demand to use PTPWallet, we have implemented what we think will become a very popular referral program.

Let’s say Person A has been using PTPWallet and Person B has never used the wallet. Person A sends Person B a Referral Code by SMS. Person B receives an SMS in the form of a short message and a link. Person B taps on the link which takes him to the Google Play Store (for example) where he then downloads the app.

Upon setup, any user has the ability to enter a Referral Code; Person B enters Person A’s Referral Code under the Referral Program tab. In the Home screen, Person B sees that they have received an additional 200 PCT for being referred to the platform. Person A receives 100 PCT for referring Person B to the platform. Both people are happy and all transactions done by Person B within the network, Person A receives a commission from the transaction fees in the currency of the transaction. For the first 30 days upon activation of the Referral Code, Person A receives 20% of their transaction fee(s) in commission.

If done actively – either via word of mouth, social media, forums, etc. – everyone is able to create a large network of referrals who would be actively providing you with money. So let’s say, for example, that you refer 100 people to PTPWallet – all of which become part of your referral network – and they all make $1000 in transactions per month.

The internal transaction fee of each payment is currently 0.5% and let’s say this is your first month, thus you receive 20% of 0.5%. 100 X 1000 = $100,000 . $100,000 X 0.1% = $100. Therefore, for the first 30 days upon activation of the referral code you receive $100. Of course, not everyone is going to make $1,000 in transactions per month, some might do even more! According to a survey by Finder, the average American that is invested in crypto has around $3,453.89 in BTC. Now let’s say they are an active purchaser in clothing and other consumer goods and make around $5,000 in transactions per month through the platform. Therefore, 100 x 5,000 = $500,000. $500,000 X 0.1% = $500. Just sending funds to the platform and withdrawing funds from the platform also provides the referrer commission.

To be honest, even $500 isn’t bad! Especially if you created one marketing campaign for free, i.e. you sent out an email to your subscribers or make a comment on a forum.

Three Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The referral code, once active, lasts for 30 days. Throughout these 30 days you build a list of clienteles and make 20% in commission – from the transaction fees – off of them in the currency they used to transact.
  • Once the 30 days is up, you lose your clientele list and no longer make 20% in commission. However, this can be avoided. If you purchase a Gem (scroll down to read more on what are Gems), you extend this period, and for every Gem purchased, you receive an additional 30 days and at the same time you now make 40% in commission. However, you must purchase Gems before the initial 30 days are up or else you risk losing your clientele list. Therefore, if you purchase 5 Gems; 30 days X 5 Gems = 150 days. In other words, you no longer need to re-purchase Gems at the end of every 29 days if you purchase a # of Gems in advance. You also now, as per the example, receive 40% in commission every day for the next 30 days and 10% the following 120 days. Do not forget to purchase additional Gem(s) a couple of days in advance of the expiry deadline in order to avoid losing your list. You, of course, have a timer that tells you when you are about to hit the deadline.
  • If 30 days went by and no transactions are made by your referrals (and you have a period of only 30 days activated), and then all of a sudden your referrals begin making transactions on day 31 or 32 for example, you won’t receive commission from them and your referral list will be gone unless you purchase a Gem before the initial 30 day deadline. Thus, push your referrals to make transactions!

The point here is that if done actively, you can essentially secure yourself a side base income for the rest of the year(s).


You can Also Refer Businesses!

As mentioned earlier, you also have the ability to refer businesses to the platform and the commission structure works the same way. The only difference is the size of the transactions per month. Unlike a regular person who spends maybe $1,000 per month, businesses such as convenience stores can make as much as $100,000 in transactions per month. In the USA, there are over 150,000 convenience stores, thus, lots of opportunity. This is, of course, just an example.

If your buddy has a business, talk to them and convince them of the opportunity of cryptocurrency integration into their business model and give them your Referral Code to PTPWallet – a wallet which they are able to use to provide cashback and at the same time receive payments.

You are a consultant with a large network of clients, why not recommend them to integrate cryptocurrency into their business model?

Or what if you work as a manager at a large corporation? Speak to your boss and tell them that there is a cryptocurrency wallet with instant transactions, anonymity, high security, a global loyalty and referral program, and much more. Then send them over an SMS from the Referral Program section to have them check it out. Who knows, maybe that same wallet account is used for transactions, you now are making tens of thousands of dollars from one business. Maybe the business might even have good Business Development and strikes a 1 million dollar deal with a supplier. Yes it might be a bit more difficult convincing a local business to use crypto, especially since its something new to them, but the point is that the opportunity is endless.

We also want to note that all funds are automatically allocated to your account on PTPWallet and are in the currencies that were used to make transactions.

Lastly, we want to note that if you purchase a Gem (scroll down to get an explanation of what that is) on PTPWallet, this will provide you with 40% in commission from transaction fees per each individual referred for 30 days after the activation of the Referral Code by your referrals. Therefore, if you are expecting your referrals to be making a lot of transactions, this boost can provide you with a good profit.



What are Gems:

What is normally stored in a vault or a safety deposit box? Money, watches, Trezor wallets… what else?…hmmm…. Jewelry and other Gems! Gems are a product that one can purchase that will allow them to continue building their referral network, will provide them with a bonus in their commission levels, and will immediately enroll one in the Drain the Bank game (more on that below). Gems are purchasable via ETH, BTC, and PCT in the PTPWallet – in the Referral Program tab.


Why purchase Gems?

If you want to do one of the following below, you must purchase a Gem:

  • Continue to take part in the referral program after the 30-day mark
  • Receive 40% in commission – from the transaction fees – from the transactions of your referrals
  • Take part in Drain the Bank and possibly drain the bank (i.e. you’ll have the chance to take the prize)


Where are these Gems stored?

The number of Gems you own can be seen when you scroll down in the Referral Program tab -> Drain the Bank -> swipe up to go down to where it says “Buy Gem” of the PTPWallet App.


Ambassador Program:

PTPWallet also has an Ambassador section for those hardcore people who want to put a lot of energy into building a side income from the safety of their own home,

who want to help evolve the crypto industry, and at the same time help PTPWallet to further evolve.

In order to read more about that, check out the ambassador section here:


Drain the Bank:

What is “Drain the Bank?” you might ask, and it’s a good question considering this is the first time something like this has been seen in a cryptocurrency wallet. Drain the Bank is a game that was created by us and can be found under Referral Program in the PTPWallet when you swipe up.


*Early version seen. All numbers and dates will be different upon launch, alignment will be fixed as well.

How it works:

In PTPWallet, to access and play Drain the Bank, you need Gems. Each purchase of a Gem adds 30 seconds to the timer. As mentioned previously, the point of the game is to drain the bank by dropping the timer to zero. If in 6 months the timer doesn’t go down to zero, the round is automatically closed and the three prize winners are selected based on the amount of commission they have made from the people that they have referred to PTPWallet throughout the past 6 months. You earn commissions for 30 days from your referrals’ transaction fees (earn 40% for the first 30 days per each individual referral). Each additionally purchased Gem gives you 10% commissions for the ensuing 30 days.

The point of the game is to, as a community, get the timer to 00:00:00. Once the timer goes to zero, the bank is drained and the prize is shared between the last three Gem purchasers. The amount they receive from the prize is based on the amount of Gems purchased. The more Gems one holds, the more share of the bank they will get.

The game consists of an infinite amount of rounds, thus providing all Gem purchasers with an opportunity to get a share of the bank. However, we do want to note that most likely in the very first round will the game have the largest prize. But again, we could be wrong.


How Much Will be in the Bank?

For the first round, 1 million PCTs (currently worth 1 Bitcoin) are in the Bank. Keep in mind, this is 1 Bitcoin worth of PCT based on the price of 0.00000100 BTC/Coin. The nominal price of the coin was 0.00012 BTC/Coin before the crash of the crypto market, therefore you will be partaking in a chance to win 120 BTC in case the price of PCT goes back to the nominal 0.80 USD (and from what we see, the chances for this to occur is probable considering everyone has the ability to partake in the game by purchasing Gems with PCT).

Also, one main thing to note is that 30% of all Gem purchases are added to the bank in the currency of the transaction (the remaining 70% goes to support further development of PTPWallet). Once the round ends, 30% of the prize goes to the next round. PCT won’t be the only currency that you will get upon receiving your prize, BTC, and ETH are also options to be used to purchase Gems.


How ‘Successful’ can This Game Become?

But in all seriousness, the sky is the limit. We saw some companies create a similar game only to have their total prize go past $10 million. Yes that is correct, three people shared $10 million. Insane right?! That opportunity is present here as well.



So in conclusion, the PTPWallet is packed with features and opportunities that no other wallet on the market has. Lots of opportunity and lots to play around with. Again, when it comes to the Referral/Ambassador Program, by sharing PTPWallet with others, you are not only helping yourself but you are also helping us expand and get into new markets. You’re also helping expand the crypto industry because as more people use the wallet, more people begin using cryptocurrencies, and the overall market circulation begins to increase. Remember, PTPWallet’s goal is to connect crypto users with businesses.


In the following article we will look at the loyalty program. See you all on PTPWallet at the start of November!

Warm Regards,

PTPWallet Team

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