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PTPWallet Launches on Android! | PTPWallet

PTPWallet Launches on Android!


Dear PTPWallet Followers,

We thank you all for the patience and for the interest in our cryptocurrency wallet. We are very happy and proud to announce that after 11 months of development, PTPWallet is finally live on the Google Play Store!

This is a very large milestone for the team and the company in general; as we’ve been working very hard this year to get the application fully developed and live on the platform. Seeing PTPWallet getting approved on Google Play Store was very satisfying for us.

To remind everyone reading this, as of today for the next 4 days, we are providing everyone with 1000 bonus coins (equivalent to $10) for getting an account setup on PTPWallet. After the 4 days, it will decrease to 500 for another 4 days and will keep decreasing.

Therefore, if you want to get enough free coins to not pay money to by a Gem (worth $1) to take part in Drain the Bank and possibly win up to 1,000,000 coins, we highly recommend you not to wait and get your account quickly setup on your smartphone.

Again, keep in mind that currently, until we receive approval from Apple, the app is live on Google Play Store when typing in the keyword “ptpwallet”.


As a reminder, PTPWallet provides instant transactions, fully anonymous transactions, the ability for you to send funds between an infinite amount of accounts, the ability to setup loyalty programs and offer people cashback for certain goods, the ability to take part in the referral program, Drain the Bank, and much more.

Click here to get taken to the Google Play Store. Oh and also, if you enjoy the app, please leave a review; it helps us out a lot!

Warm Regards,

PTPWallet Team

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