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Bitcoin ATMs Are Expanding All Across The Globe, 4100 Active! | PTPWallet

Bitcoin ATMs Are Expanding All Across The Globe, 4100 Active!

Bitcoin has been a buzzword of 2018 and it is expected that it will continue to dominate the world in 2019. Currently, throughout the world, there is more than 4,000 ATMs for Bitcoin. While the majority support Bitcoin, there are many others which support Bitcoin Cash (or as they call it now, Bitcoin Cash ABC or Bitcoin Cash SV). One can find a number of Bitcoin ATMS across the US, though their presence is significantly increasing across Asia as well as Europe and Latin America.

The latest numbers from show that the United States of America currently has the largest number of crypto ATMs at 2,493 Bitcoin ATMs that form about 55.9% of the world’s ATMs. Out of the 50 states, around 44 states have one cryptocurrency ATM and California has the highest number with 475. The next is Illinois at 252 BATMs. There are 226 ATMs in Chicago alone and other states are New York which have 131 ATMs, and Georgia which stands at 121. The North American market has 2,996 crypto ATMs  and this makes up almost 71.7 percent of the world market.

Europe has the second largest number of crypto ATMs in the world. It stands at 958 – or 23.1%. The highest ATMs are found in Austria at 270, followed by the UK at 214. There has been a consistent and steady growth over the years despite the Bitcoin currency losing more than 70% of its value over time. Other countries are not far behind either. Spain and Czech Republic have 65 ATMs followed by Russia at 46; lastly, Switzerland at 45.

Latin America has seen a very strong growth over the years and it has more than 1.7% of the crypto ATMs in the world. For Latin America, this is quite a big number because a lot of ATMs are based in countries that are currently developing. The highest in the area is in Colombia with 26 and this number indeed shot up over the last year because companies are expanding aggressively to help the Venezuelan migrants living in Colombia. With the ATMs, it is much easier now for them to send the funds back to their families in their neighboring country. Apart from Colombia, Argentina has 8 ATMs, while Peru has just one ATM. Central America, Guatemala and Costa Rica have one. In contrast, Mexico has seen tremendous expansion and currently has 11 ATMs.

Apart from the above-mentioned countries, there are 107 crypto ATMs found in all of Asia and the highest amongst them are in Hong Kong with 32. There are 10 in Japan and 10 in Malaysia while Singapore has 9, Taiwan and Israel have 8. Georgia (the country below Russia) which lies between Eastern Europe and Western Asia has 11 ATMs and the African continent has only seven out of which four are in South Africa and there is one in Zimbabwe. Australia has 51 ATMs, while the small island of Nevis and St Kitts have one each.

As per data, there are about six crypto ATMs which are installed each day. The largest manufacturer is Genesis Coin, and it has reached a number of 1,326 around the globe. It is followed by General Bytes which has 1,250 and Lamassu with 435. Most machines in the world are one-way devices which means you can use it only to make a purchase. However, ATMs that allow you to sell are also on the rise. Majority of the devices support BCH, BTC, Litecoin as well as Ethereum. Despite the market crash and fast growth in 2018, it does look like that the numbers will continue to soar in 2019. There will be a rise in the number of BATMs in the coming decades – all across the globe.

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