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French Protesters Want Citizens To Withdraw Funds From Banks Into Bitcoin | PTPWallet

French Protesters Want Citizens To Withdraw Funds From Banks Into Bitcoin

A Full-Scale Revolution In Motion?

It looks like the Yellow Vest Movement is not losing its momentum at all as Activists have once again called upon their supporters to set off a bank run in order to destabilize the already fragile French Government and to take back what they think is rightfully theirs. This is of course one of the many reasons as to why people are out on the streets; everyone with their own opinion and interests. French Yellow Vests are now asking their supporters to withdraw their money from banks and convert the funds to Bitcoin in order to disrupt the banking sector as they believe their hard-earned money have fallen into the hands of those who are causing widespread economic distress among common people.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the French Government has requested its citizens not take part in this ‘bank run’ movement as this can traumatize the economy further. The government has requested the people to get involved in a national debate to sort out this mess; rather than taking it to the streets on a daily basis. However, as seen from the news, things are starting to get hectic with video footage even seen of police using helicopters to drop tear-gas.

The Tax Collector’s Referendum Is Heating Up!

Dubbing it as the ‘tax collector’s referendum’, Maxime Nicolle and other activists from the famed Yellow Vest Movement, have encouraged their followers on social media to support this movement and urged them to start withdrawing large amount of cash from banks (preferably into Bitcoin if not cash) so that the banks start falling apart.

In a video message, Nicolle said “We are going to get our bread back … You’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up”. Fed up with the way the French government is acting now, the activists and their supporters believe that this new tactic will put more pressure on the government to initiate reformations…possibly even kick Macron out of power. They want the government to allow the common citizens of the country to have a say on how the country should be governed. They are making demands that common citizens should be given the right “to propose and vote on new laws”. In reality, if it comes to fruition, nothing will change. Why? Because only those people with the most amount of support will have the most power and we could see the same monopoly occur.

Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister of France, has informed the media that the government is planning to organization big debates in all the regions of France next week. Issues like public services, taxes, democratic matters and climate change will be discussed in these big debates and the Prime Minister hopes that these debates will be “rich, impartial and fruitful”. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, is betting big on these debates. He has dubbed these debates as a platform for the French government to get connected to ordinary people directly and listen to their complaints and offer solutions.


Will Things Change?

In an effort to pacify the protesters and to win back the confidence of the common people, President Emmanuel Macron has promised to spend 10 billion euros to alleviate the economic hardship of the people. This massive investment, experts claim, will boost the purchasing power of the common people.

However, things have not changed much as it appears. On Wednesday, 200 odd protesters had gathered in Creteil where Macron was making a visit to a handball facility. Some activists of the Yellow Vest movement and some trade union members gathered there. Soon, the situation started going out of hand forcing the police to intervene. Tear gas was used to keep those protesters away from the French President.

In all, France is slowly falling apart. The big question is, will we see the same type of scenario as with the collapse of the Soviet Union or will Macron be able to hold everything together? Only time will tell.

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