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An Update on Development of PTPWallet | PTPWallet

An Update on Development of PTPWallet

Hello PTPWallet users and those in the process of downloading the application! It has been a while since we last did a press release, but do not worry; we have been hard at work!

This article will cover what we have been doing for PTPWallet and for CannaSOS, our social network. We hope you enjoy the read!



  • For the month of February and January, we have launched multiple updates. Around 15 updates have been provided to the Google Play Store and Apple Store. These were primarily bug fixes and improvements to existing modules
  • We have improved the UI of PTPWallet
  • We have implemented a feature for all crypto withdrawals. Originally, when you’d want to withdraw ETH (for example), it will show the “Amount” you want to withdraw, the GAS fee, and the TX fee. However, the “Amount” did not automatically update and thus users were required to manually change the “Amount”. Now however, when withdrawing any crypto, you will see a red button pop up underneath “Amount”: “With TX fee, maximum amount is _ Tap to CORRECT”. This has now made life easier as when you tap on “CORRECT”, the number automatically changes and includes within it the Tx fee and the GAS.
  • We had a bug which only allowed users to type 50 characters to describe their problem, this has been fixed
  • Validation of address such for Dash, TRX, and QTUM have been fixed.
  • Problems in Drain the Bank and referral program, UI problems, have been fixed

Throughout all of Feb, we have been working on:

  • Real-time market tracking which will allow users to click on one of the sub-menus and then see all the currencies in the world and their prices; alongside with a graph that can be sorted out by hour, day, week, year, all.
  • API which will allow online businesses to integrate PTPWallet into their website. This will allow businesses to receive crypto from customers instantly.
  • Web version of the app which will allow users to use PTPWallet on their laptop or desktop computer
  • Upgrading our nodes which will allow users to withdraw and deposit funds quicker due to improvements in processing power of the nodes. Implementation of Ripple will also be done and a decrease in TX fees might also be seen.


  • Dispensaries module was upgraded which increased speed of loading necessary information

And that is primarily all of what was worked on these past two months. It might seem a lot for some, while for others it might not seem like a lot. Keep in mind that developing a platform that has never been created before is difficult.

Anyways, thank you for the attention and we wish you an amazing rest of the day. Stay tuned for more updates.

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