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PTPWallet, Gift Cards, And Core State Holdings Stock Split! | PTPWallet

PTPWallet, Gift Cards, And Core State Holdings Stock Split!

Information Concerning Core State Holdings, Corp. Stock Split

On October 10, 2019,  Core State Holdings, Corp. conducted a 100-to-1 Stock Split; leading to the issuing of additional Company Shares and the lowering of the Price Per Share. This was done in order to make possible investments into Core State Holdings, Corp., which is the owner of PTPWallet and CannaSOS, more easier and of less risk. Current Share information can be seen below.


Shareholders of Preferred Class B on Record: 26

Outstanding Class B Shares: 30,000,000

Floating Class B Shares: 16,768,621

Class B Shares in the Company’s Treasury for Sale: 13,231,379

Value of Each Class B Share:  $0.50

Shareholders of Voting Class A on Record: 3

Outstanding Class A Shares: 10,000,000

Floating Class A Shares: 7,000,000

Voting Class A Shares in the Company’s Treasury for Sale: 3,000,000

Value of Each Class A Share:  $1.00

The USA-based Core State Holdings, which is currently conducting a Regulation CF, already has 51 Shareholders.

The Company’s Board of Directors have decided to begin the process of entering the Canadian Stock Exchange once the Company has received sufficient investments and the needed number of investors has been reached. Currently, investors can buy Class B and Class A Shares of both the American and Canadian companies. Core State Holdings, Corp. is looking for serious investors that are looking to acquire Voting Class A Shares.

Entering The Gift Card Market:

Core State Holdings, Corp., on the foundation of PTPWallet, has developed an algorithm that will provide tremendous growth – both in users and in revenue. This algorithm is concerning the creation of a “crypto gift card-like” module.

It is important to note that this isn’t simply the sale of gift cards for cryptocurrency. No, it is the creation of a mechanism that will allow the purchasing of gift cards for FIAT, and after the activation of the card(s) on PTPWallet, the platform will automatically acquire the crypto that the user wants to purchase. The algorithm will include within it many different crypto exchanges which will also allow users to immediately purchase and sell cryptocurrencies at the best price at the touch of a button.

In order to allow DAEs (Digital Assets Exchanges or Decentralized Assets Exchanges) to become an aggregator and part of the gift card algorithm, DAEs will be required to pay a “License Fee” to PTPWallet. The Company will receive revenue off of each transaction fee, and also plans on developing and launching the ability to White Label the gift cards. The creation of a “Crypto Gift Card” module will allow the Company to process a large number of transactions and to receive a large amount of profit. Currently, there is no name that has been given to the module.

White Labeling PTPWallet is also of great interest to almost everyone that we communicate with. The Company is unable to release information on exactly how many deals have already been completed, but we can say that we have our hands tied with the development of White Label solutions for our clients. All new features that we implement into PTPWallet, our White Label clients will receive automatically and for free.

You can learn more about PTPWallet’s White Label solution here: For any questions, please email

Best Regards,

Oleg Cheine

President of Core State Holdings, Corp.

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