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Guide | PTPWallet

PTPWallet Guide: A Step-By-Step Tutorial!

Use this simple guide to understand what the PTPWallet cryptocurrency wallet is and how it works.

After you have watched the video clip, scroll down to see a more detailed examination of the wallet’s functionality.

What is PTPWallet?

Login / Restore Your Wallet

  • PTPWallet Guide Step1 - Login/Restore Your Wallet
    Step 1
    Click the button "Login/Restore Your Wallet"
  • PTPWallet Guide Step2 - Login/Restore Your Wallet
    Step 2
    Enter your 6-word passphrase. This passphrase was given to you when completing the initial sign up process in the wallet.
  • PTPWallet Guide Step3 - Login/Restore Your Wallet
    Step 3
    Enter a 6-digit Pin Code. This Pin Code was created by you when completing the initial sign up process in the wallet.

Create New  Wallet

  • PTPWallet Guide Step1 - Create New Wallet
    Step 1
    Click on the "Create New Wallet" button
  • PTPWallet Guide Step2 - Create New Wallet
    Step 2
    Read the Terms of Use. If you agree to the Terms, place a checkmark at the bottom where it says "I agree to Terms of Use".
  • PTPWallet Guide Step3 - Create New Wallet
    Step 3
    Read and understand how the Secure Your Wallet With Passphrase process works. Once you have the needed information and are ready, click on "Create Passphrase"
  • PTPWallet Guide Step4 - Create New Wallet
    Step 4
    Write down the 6 words, in the order that was provided to you, and click on "Next".
  • PTPWallet Guide Step5 - Create New Wallet
    Step 5
    Tap on the words in the right order. Once this has been done, click on "Confirm"
  • PTPWallet Guide Step6 - Create New Wallet
    Step 6
    Think of a 6-digit Pin Code that you will use. This Pin Code is used whenever you open the Wallet, want to send a transaction, and when purchasing GEMS. DO NOT FORGET your Pin Code. If necessary, right it down.
  • PTPWallet Guide Step7 - Create New Wallet
    Step 7
    Re-enter the Pin Code and click on "Confirm". Save the Passphrase and Pin Code in a safe location.

Add  Currency

  • PTPWallet Guide Step1 - Add Currency
    Step 1
    After registering, you are going to see a Wallet page. In order to add a currency, click on "+".
  • PTPWallet Guide Step2 - Add Currency
    Step 2
    Find the currency you want and click on it. It will automatically show up in the “Wallet” page.

Send/Receive  Address

  • PTPWallet Guide - Send/Receive Address 1
    In order to send funds to a designated location, click on the currency you want to send, click on “Send”, and enter the Receive Address into the “Address” field. You can also send funds by QR Code by clicking on the QR button.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Send/Receive Address 2
    In the “Amount” field, enter the number of funds you want to send and hit “Send”. If the transaction was sent successfully, you will see a notification pop-up saying “Transaction Sent Successflly”.

Send  Email/SMS/Messenger

  • PTPWallet Guide Step1 - Send Email/SMS/Messenger
    Step 1
    To make a transfer of funds, enter the required amount in the field "Amount". Then, come up with a password for this transaction (which will need to be passed on to the other side). Enter it in the “Create Secret Password" section and confirm it in the “Confirm Secret Password”. Then click “Next”
  • PTPWallet Guide Step2 - Send Email/SMS/Messenger
    Step 2
    On the screen you will see a comment “Click the Share button in order to send the transaction via email, SMS, and other methods”. When clicking on the “Share” button, choose the channel you want to use.


  • PTPWallet Guide Step1 - iTransfer
    Step 1
    If you have received a payment by Email, SMS, or any other method (other than via Address and QR Code), enter the Transfer ID in the required field and click on “Receive”
  • PTPWallet Guide Step2 - iTransfer
    Step 2
    Enter the Secret Password (given to you by the other user) and click on “Accept” in order to receive the funds.

Referral  Program

In order to give PTPWallet users an incentive for bringing their friends and family to the platform, PTPWallet created a Referral Program which can be easily accessed by clicking on the “Referral” menu in the app. The Referral Program rewards users in crypto for every referral brought into the platform. Depending on the decision of the company, the amount of coins one could receive from referring users could change throughout the months, however, users all receive 20% commission from the transaction fees of all their referrals’ transactions throughout a 30-day period. 20% can increase to 40% and 30 days could increase to many months with the purchase of GEMS.

This Referral Program is beneficial for active users with any size following and can act as an additional source of income.

  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 1
    In “Sender’s Name”, create a nickname which will be used to take part in the program. With the help of the “Copy” and “Share” buttons, sending the code to your future referrals is made easier. The “Enter Your Referrer’s Code” section is where you enter the referral code of another referrer. The button “Drain the Bank” provides you with the opportunity to purchase GEM(s) and take part in winning the grand prize.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 2
    The “Drain the Bank" button leads to the GEM purchase screen. The button "My Orders" leads to the page with the GEM(S) that were purchased by you. In the field “GEM(S)” enter the number of GEM(S) you want to purchase and click on “Buy”. By Clicking on the right icon “?”, you can find out more about the program.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 3
    This screen shows the cost of a GEM in different currencies. Once again, you can select the number of GEMS you wish to purchase, view the order history by clicking on the “Order History " link, and learn the details of the program with the “?” icon.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 4
    This screen shows the price you will pay for the amount of GEM(S) you are purchasing. You are able to select the account from which you want to pay from. After choosing the account, click on “Confirm”.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 5
    This screen shows the top three users of “Drain the Bank”. These users are at the top of the leaderboards because they have the most GEMS for the current round.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 6
    The “Share” section allows you to share your referral code with other users. When taking part in Drain the Bank, you can invite users to the platform which increase your odds of winning. To do so, copy and send your referral code to your contacts. Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 explain the details of the program.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Referral Program 7
    The "Ambassador" section is your manager board which shows all the results and all the information on your participation in the program.

My  Biz

  • PTPWallet Guide - Loyalty Program 1
    Step 1
    Come up with a name of your program, the cashback %, a description of your business or service, a few hashtags for easy search, select the date of when you want to activate the program and till what date, and click on "Next”.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Loyalty Program 2
    Step 2
    Fill in all the required fields in this form.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Loyalty Program 3
    Step 3
    Select, on the Map, the location of where your business is located. and put a mark on the exact location of your business and activate your Loyalty Program by clicking on the "Activate" button”
  • PTPWallet Guide - Loyalty Program 4
    On the “Your Loyalty Program History” screen you can see the name and activation date of your Loyalty Program(s). It will also show you how much longer the program(s) will be active for.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Loyalty Program 5
    When clicked on your Loyalty Program, you will see the activation and termination dates of the Loyalty Program, cashback (%), and the status. You will also see the ability to stop your Loyalty Program.


  • PTPWallet Guide - Deals 1
    In the “Deals " section, using hashtags, you can search for services that you are looking for. When using a hashtag, you will see all the business that are listed by that specific service, and all businesses shown will be ones that have an active Loyalty Program

AML/KYC  policy

The AML(Anti-Money-Laundering)/KYC(Know-Your-Customer) is required for those who are looking to remove maximum per-day transaction barrier and to send an unlimited number of transactions per day; no matter the size of the transaction. KYC is done in order to provide the Company with more information on who you are in order to stop the misuse of the wallet, fraud, financing of terrorist organizations, and money laundering. All information provided to the company is completely confidential and secure.

  • PTPWallet Guide - AML/KYC policy 1
    Fill in all the necessary fields in the form, take all the required photos, give your consent to the verification of the data provided by you, and click on the "Submit" button.


  • PTPWallet Guide - Market 1
    Check the market price of your favorite coin by clicking on the coin in the Market menu. You can see the price change by hour, day, week, month, and year.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Market 2
    See all the coins in the Market menu. You have the ability to see current price as well as 1H, 24H, and 7D price change.
  • PTPWallet Guide - Market 3
    In order to see live stats of a particular exchange for the coin you have chosen, once the coin has been selected, click on the sub-menu below the pricing and select your desired exchange.

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