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Merchant API | PTPWallet

PTPWallet Merchant API

Receive & Send Cryptocurrencies Quickly, Securely!
PTPWallet Payment Gateway provides an online cryptocurrency payment processing solution. It enables you to accept cryptocurrencies worldwide on your website or mobile app. Begin accepting crypto payments on your website, with the ability to accept major crypto coins, and start selling products online in minutes. Your website will receive full user payment information immediately after a payment is made - you can even process it in automatic mode!

How it  Works

  • Step1
    Seller registers an account via PTPWallet mobile application or PTPWallet website. They then receive Public and Private API keys. Keys are needed to authenticate requests and protect sellers from fraud.
  • Step2
    Seller places a button, such as ‘Buy with BTC’, and wraps the button with the HTML tag. For example, the HTML widget below produces a button to buy an abstract thing which costs 1 USD using BTC
  • Step3
    The client clicks on the button and is then redirected to the PTPWallet Payment Gateway page
  • Step4
    Customer makes a payment using either the PTPWallet app (or web-version) or any other crypto wallet
  • Step5
    Payment is processed by the PTPWallet payment processing platform. When payment is complete, PTPWallet Payment Gateway executes two additional steps:
    • It sends confirmation of the payment to the payer
    • It makes an HTTP request to the Seller’s website with all payment details

Install  PTPWallet

If you are planning on integrating our API into your business model, you will need to first create a PTPWallet account. This can all be done via your smartphone (via the App Store or Google Play Store) or via the PTPWallet Web Version. Once you create a wallet account, you will then be able to fill in the necessary forms and receive the API Key.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum (all ETH-related tokens/coins)
...and many other cryptocurrencies!

Why PTPWallet  Merchant API?

  • mobile-friendly, instant transactions

    As you know, time is money. Therefore, having your customer wait more than 1 minute for a crypto transaction to process increases customer turnover. With PTPWallet, all internal transactions are instantaneous.


    No longer be annoyed when payment processors take more than they should. With PTPWallet, for all internal (domestic or international) transactions, we only take 0.5% in the currency of the transaction. No GAS fees. Transaction fee is taken from the receiving end; therefore, further keeping customers happy.

  • only 0.5% fee per transaction
  • your security is our priority

    If you work with cryptocurrencies, your main priority is security. At PTPWallet, we take the security of our clients very seriously. High-tech security with full encryption of all transactions within the platform. No one will ever know how much funds you have in a specific account.

Button  Constructor

  • Please Choose Crypto Currency

API  Methods

Payment Gateway  Page URL{CURRENCY}&amount={AMOUNT}&public_key={PUBLIC_KEY}&redirect_uri={REDIRECT_URI}&callback_uri={CALLBACK_URI}&order={ORDER_ID}

{CURRENCY} - cryptocurrency or token code (BTC, ETH, PCT, etc)

{AMOUNT} - amount you want to charge from the user in USD

{PUBLIC_KEY} - your personal Public Key

{REDIRECT_URI} - URL where the user is redirected to after successful payment

{CALLBACK_URI} - URL address for the payment callback API method. Usually used to check Payment details on the Seller’s website side.

{ORDER_ID} - Arbitrary Number/unique Order ID which is passed to {CALLBACK_URI} to match payment confirmations with the order(s).

Payment  Callback

Payment callback is used to notify the Merchant about a completed payment.

When a payment is complete, the following POST request is made to {CALLBACK_URI} parameter defined in the previous section. This request also contains HMAC signature to protect Merchant from spoofing.


Body: {"_id":"{_ID}","order":"{ORDER_ID}","publicKey":"{PUBLIC_KEY}","amount":"{AMOUNT}","sign":"{SIGN}"}


{_ID} - Unique contract ID

{ORDER_ID} - Arbitrary Number/unique Order ID which is passed to {CALLBACK_URI} to match payment confirmations with order(s)

{AMOUNT} - Amount charged from payer in cryptocurrency

{PUBLIC_KEY} - Merchant ID

{SIGN} - HMAC signature

HMAC  Signature

This signature is used to validate that the payment has been initiated by you and is not spoofed. Validation process is described below:

Exclude ‘sign’ parameter from Payment Callback request and sort them in alphabetically ascending order.

Concatenate all parameters from Payment Callback request excluding ‘sign’ parameter.

Create HMAC Signature using SHA512 algorithm, with Merchant API Secret as HMAC key:
HMAC_SHA512("{MERCHANT_API_SECRET}", “_id=5ced1515ace138038daebec9&amount=0.0037109&order=555&publicKey=1gmnhp1jtu8memt”)

Compare the generated signature with parameter ‘sign’ from the Payment Callback request - if they are equal, you can trust this request.

Icon  Examples

  • Pay by Cryptocurrency PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay by Cryptocurrency PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay by Cryptocurrency PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Pay by Ethereum PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay by Ethereum PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay by Ethereum PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Pay via PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay via PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay via PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Pay by Bitcoin PTPWallet Banner Green
  • Pay by Bitcoin PTPWallet Banner Blue
  • Pay by Bitcoin PTPWallet Banner Orange
  • Bitcoin Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Ethereum Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Litecoin Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner
  • Ripple Accepted Here PTPWallet Banner

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