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PTPWallet | Referral Program

Earn money by joining our 
referral program!

Earn money by joining our referral program

PTPWallet offers active users an opportunity to further represent the company,
industry, and earn more money!

Earn money by joining our referral program

Become An ambassador!

Free To Join
Get 20% Commission From Transaction Fees
Get paid automatically, your money is deposited in PTPWallet

Become An ambassador!

What You Need To Do:

  • What You need to do as a referer
    1. Refer Your friends
  • What You need to do as a referer
    2. Invite Businesses
  • What You need to do as a referer
    3. Share Refferal Code Online

Earn commissions from their transactions.
The more people you refer to PTPWallet,
the more money you make!

how you  make money

  • As a Referer
    What You need to do as a referer
    • Get 100 PCT for your referred user’s 1st transaction
    • for 1st month
  • As a Referred User
    What You need to do as a referer
    • Get 200 PCT with Referral Code
    • Get 500 PCT upon signup

Boost your earnings by 50% by  
joining the ambassador

How to get started?

  • Boost your earnings step1

    Step1: Apply to the program by filling out the form below. Get approved within 24 hours.

  • Boost your earnings step2

    Step2: Use the PerksCoin (PCT) tokens provided by PTPWallet to purchase 12 GEMS.

  • Boost your earnings step3

    Step3: With these GEMS, earn 40% in commission from your referrals' transaction fees for the first 30 days upon activation, 10% commission on all other transaction throughout the following 330 days. Commissions is automatic and in the currency of the transaction.

  • Boost your earnings step4

    Step4: Earn 200 PCT once your referred user makes their first transaction.

  • Boost your earnings step5

    Step5: Participate in the ongoing round of Drain the Bank. If you win, you get to keep 75% of the prize!

  • Boost your earnings step6

    Step6: If the countdown doesn’t reach zero but ends after 6 months, you can win the prize if you earned the most amount of referral commissions compared to other contenders!

Getting Started  
On Your New Journey

Getting Started On Your New Journey

Do not miss your chance to earn money with us! 
To become an Ambassador, please fill out the form below,  
download the PTPWallet app, and create an account. 
You will be notified once your account is approved.

Helping You Get Started

To help get you started, here's a list of marketing platforms you may wish to use to drive sign-ups through your referral link. This list is non-exhaustive as your referral link may be used with any media channel you desire.

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