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White Label | PTPWallet

White Label PTPWallet Under Your Own Brand!

White Labeling will allow you to use PTPWallet under your own brand, logo, and even your own color.

We will  Do

  • We create two applications (one on iOS and one on Android)
  • We do KYC of users
  • We do customer support of users
  • The White Label is on our network/infrastructure
  • You get all current features that PTPWallet provides
  • Merchant API for iOS and Android

We will do coding

If you do not have enough developers on your team, no need to worry. Our team of experienced developers will take the load off of your shoulders!

Once the Scope of Work has been signed between both parties, a White Label License Agreement is signed. We then proceed with payment and re-confirm all necessary information. After this procedure has been complete, we then begin coding.

The process normally takes two months. These two months include coding, testing, and training of key personnel.

The Modules That You Will Receive

The platform will include everything what the current version of PTPWallet includes.

    • Login / Restore Your Wallet
    • Create New Wallet
    • Add crypto currency
    • Send/Receive Address
    • Send Email/SMS/Messenger
    • iTransfer
    • Referral Program/Drain the Bank
    • My Biz
    • Deals
    • AML/KYC policy
    • Market
    • Merchant API (for IOS and Android)
    • Help & Support

What Does  It Cost Me?

We understand that, when looking at what PTPWallet provides to the market, a Ferrari (PTPWallet) does not cost the same as a Honda Civic (basic crypto wallet) – and for obvious reasons. However, we are still people with moral principles.

We’ve looked around on the market in order to provide a fair, competitive price. Our pricing is around 6-10 times less than what famous crypto wallets offer.

All we ask is for a one-time setup fee and we do a Shared Revenue program. We will design and develop necessary software, which will automatically calculate the Shared Revenue (50/50, 40/60, 30/70, 20/80; described in more detail in White Label License Agreement), from the transaction fees, on a lifetime basis.

Due to the fact that we need to constantly adjust the pricing to create a balance in demand, if you want to learn more about the pricing, please email  with the subject “Pricing for White Label”.

Have a  Question?

If you have a question or a concern, feel free to write to us. For all business development/sales inquiries, please reach out to

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